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What colour obi belt should I choose?

Same outfit shown with three different colour obi belts

Different colours and materials give a different feel to your ensemble – here we show 3″ obi belts in a dark grey blue suede tied at back, bright red leather and black leather.

Matching colours – it is more important to match in colours of items worn tonally than get exact matches to other accessories. It is really difficult to match the exact shade of blue, red, brown etc. with a pair of shoes or handbag.

Your obi wrap belt doesn’t always have to match your shoes. Works great to match your necklace or scarf or bag too.

Patterned dress? – pick out an obi sash belt that matches one of the colours in the patterns even if used only a little in the pattern.

Match colour of outfit or go for contrast? – a black or dark brown obi tie belt can cut you in half while a colour that matches what is worn underneath can lengthen your torso while sympathetically adding that perfect finish to your outfit. There is another school of thought that says if you are a large lady a dark colour wide belt flatters you.

Published by Marta Julia

I'm a fashion designer, etailer, writer/artist who loves sunshine, healthy food, the arts and travel. I live between the UK and Spain.

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