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Why are obi belts such a fabulous investment for my wardrobe?

The obi belt is really versatile and will transform an outfit (see the before and after above) – you can wear it with so many outfits and tie it in various ways. Obi wrap belts can be worn on the waist or on the hip.

Many of our customers return to buy other colours – here’s why…

They look great

  • Obi belts look great with so many outfits – they won’t just be kept for wearing with trousers. In fact you could wear them over the top of your jeans.
  • A genuine leather or suede belt adds a touch of luxury.
  • They really help finish off an outfit or solve problems such as how to stop a dress looking like a shapeless sack and how to bring together two separates.

Amazingly versatile

  • If you put on weight or lose weight you don’t have to worry about not having belt holes where you need them, unless of course you are at the very upper end of the obi belt length.
  • You can tie them in various ways so you can never get bored of them.

Quality craftmanship

  • Dry colour fast leathers and suedes of the best quality. Mainly from Italy, chosen for softness and also nasal appeal! No pig suede here.
  • Handmade in England by skilled specialised leather crafters. We visit the factories where our own brand belts are made as we feel it is important that they are made with love by people happily working in good conditions and earning a decent wage.

Made in the United Kingdom with love.

Published by Marta Julia

I'm a fashion designer, etailer, writer/artist who loves sunshine, healthy food, the arts and travel. I live between the UK and Spain.

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