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Choosing the best size obi wrap belt is easy as they are quite uniform and really is more about selecting the width.

Lengths: The obi belts are one length i.e. 99″/250cm. They will fit ladies from 25″ waists up to plus size of 41″. The difference being is that a smaller lady has extra length to create a bow if she wishes to or she can just use sharp scissors to cut it to size. Size UK 8/10/12 ladies (i.e. waists up to 29″) can create a knot at the front and tie it at the back too.

Plus sized ladies? We cater for up to a 41″ waist where you will be able to double wrap and tie but not do a bow. We aim to give you 8 inch ties each end to tie when double wrapped.

Widths: Our obi belts are sold in 3″ widths with only the black in a 4″ option because if you are not blessed with a supermodel torso, a 3″ will always work best and can also be worn lower down i.e. below the waist or on the hip.

If you are short waisted or very petite, a tie belt or coat belt may be a better option for you.

The leather tie belt is a narrower width so great for those who are short waisted or to wear with cardigans or macs. We now have some dedicated 5 cm or 2″ coat belts in the range too!

Published by Marta Julia

I'm a fashion designer, etailer, writer/artist who loves sunshine, healthy food, the arts and travel. I live between the UK and Spain.

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