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How to tie an obi belt

Tie me up. Tie me down. An obi belt is what so many outfits need if you are planning what to wear this year as a wedding guest or going to the races etc

See video for how to tie an obi belt.

This page has images showing how to tie your obi sash belt using a 3″ belt.

Standard bow. The double wrap and bow – put the central panel against your middle, take the ties back through the side slit, bring ties round the front and tie.

Twice knot. The double wrap and knot twice – very plus size ladies will be able to tie like this. Then side twice knot shown on a 4″ obi belt.

On the hip. Double wrap and tied once but worn lower down.

Front knot pattern. UK size 8/10/12 ladies (those with up to a size 29″ waist) can loop the ties at the front after double wrapping and tie them at the back creating this knot effect pattern at the front.

Tied at the back to give a plain front for a simpler look – good when the rest of the ensemble is busy.

Big bow. Once round and large bow at front.

Side tie. Once round and loosely tied at side – good for larger ladies.

Belt roll. Double wrap and wind ties around each other to create this effect

Partial belt roll. Twirly ties as seen on the gold. As above but only partially twisted around each other at the front

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